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Knitted, flexible and extensible hose
Sink mixer
Flush valve
Thermostatic mixer
Double handle faucet
Self-closing tap
Taps for cold water
Spare part of faucet
Automatic sensitive faucet
Rain shower-head and arm
Shower holder
Sliding bar and shower set
Shower panel
Shower room & Furniture
Plastic water tank valve
Plastic siphon & waste
Plastic pipe
AL-PEX pipe
Brass ball valve
Mini ball valve
Radiator heating ststem & manifold
Radiator valve
Automatic air vent
Brass gate & stop valve
Brass check & foot valve
Bibcock & Tap
Plastic taps
Basin tap
Angle valves
Brass fittings
PTFE sealing tape
Brass cartridge
Floating valve
Brass waste & pop-up
Brass bottle trap
Floor drainer
Stainless steel waste
Bathroom accessories
Softsoap dispenser & Dryer
Brass garden fittings
Plastic garden coupling & Sprayer
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Products - Bathroom accessories
DF 6500 Series: Bathroom accessories
6600 Series
DF 6700 Series
DF 6800 Series
DF 6900 Series
DF 7000 Series
DF 7100 Series
DF 7200 Series
DF 7300 Series
DF 7400 Series
DF 7500 Series
DF 7600 Series
DF 7700 Series
DF 7800 Series
DF 7900 Series
DF 8000 Series
DF 8100 Series
DF 8200 Series
DF 8300 Series
DF 8400 Series
090 Series
DF 8500 Series
DF 8600 Series
DF 8700 Series
DF 8800 Series
DF 8900 Series
DF 9000 Series
DF 9100 Series
DF 9200 Series
DF 9300 Series
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